Confined Space Courses

Essential Confined Space Training

For Industry, Mining, Shipping, Defence, Rural, Government and any other workplace that requires workers to enter a confined space

Every year, many workers suffer needless injuries, even death, due to inadequate (or non-existent) confined space entry programs. This happens in a wide range of industries, from those involving complex plant to simple storage vessels. Those killed include not only people working in the confined space but those who try to rescue them without proper training and equipment. 

Employers also receive citations and large monetary penalties whenever a Work cover inspection shows the company or organisation does not comply with mandatory Permit-Required Confined Space Entry standards. 

Confined Space training is essential to save lives and minimise the chance of litigation.

Confined Space Enter + Work - 1 day

A program for those who need to enter, work in, or inspect confined spaces. Not recommended for Safety Standby / Observers, see Confined Space Advanced for Standby Training.

Confined Space Enter + Work Gas + BA - 2 day

In depth course for those entering/working in a confined space where there is a potential for toxic vapours/gases. Designed to teach participants how to identify confined space hazards, work safely within confined spaces to an issued permit and operate confined space equipment.

Confined Space Enter, Work Gas, BA Rescue + Standby- 3 day

This program involves the Initial & Intermediate course plus it covers rescue in more complex confined space environments as a team member or a member of a single agency. The application of this unit in the workplace covers a range of confined space rescue situations and rescue by personnel from the organisation where confined space work is undertaken. This course is recommended for standby and safety observers. MSMWHS216 -Operate breathing apparatus & HLTAID009–Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation have an annual recertification period

Confined Spaces Refresher - 1 day

Review training in previously awarded units, relating to confined space activities.

Gas Test Atmospheres - 1/2 day

Training is suitable for those that may be required to challenge test the gas monitor and gas test an atmosphere prior to enter or work in a space.

Operate Breathing Apparatus - 1/2 day

Competence associated with the operation of breathing equipment in a potentially dangerous atmosphere.

Issue Work Permits - 1/2 day

This course ensures that staff responsible for issuing permits have the required knowledge and skills to do so.