Emergency Response and Rescue Courses

Basic Oxygen Administration - 4 hours

Training designed for those required to provide oxygen therapy and oxygen resuscitation prior to professional assistance

Advanced Rescue Operation - 1 day

Course allows clients to update their knowledge of legislation and industry competency and requirements to undertake Confined Space rescue or be a member of a rescue team, involving operator injury of accident. Typically designed for ERT members.

Tower Rescue Training - 2 days

Those who may be required to work on towers or similar structures and covers the performance of tower rescue procedures as an emergency procedure required in the work place. This training is very physical.

Fire Warden Training (Evacuation) - 1/2 day

Designed to provide learners with skills knowledge and experience to perform duties of an area warden.

Chief Fire Warden - 4 hours

This course is relevant for people who are required to perform the leadership role of Chief or Deputy Chief Fire Warden at your workplace.

Prerequisite: PUAWER005B – Operate as part of an Emergency Control Organisation

Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage (LV) Panel - 1/2 day

Will provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to rescue, resuscitate and treat a casualty in a low voltage emergency.