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HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

UETDRMP010 - Provide first aid in an ESI environment

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills required to manage and provide essential first-aid in an emergency within an ESI environment and to be able to identify the additional risks associated with this environment. 

Application and Relevance

ESI employees are required to maintain currency in this Unit for authorisation/approval to work on ESI Networks. 

Electricity Supply Industry workers who undertake the installation and/or maintenance of network infrastructure which requires workers to meet WHS, mobility and mutual aid requirements. The course will provide participants with the skills to effectively deal with an emergency situation in the workplace that may require administering effective use of first aid skills, coupled with CPR.

This course provides participants with the confidence and competence required to perform CPR on an unconscious casualty, in the context of those having suffered electrocution.

Course Content

Topics include and are not limited to:

  • Providing CPR and first aid
  • Involvement of external emergency services
  • Recognise an emergency and act to minimise immediate hazards to themselves and others
  • Introduction to first aid principles including Electrical specific injury
  • Assessing a cardiac emergency - DRSABCD principal
  • Resuscitation techniques
  • Using a defibrillator (AED)
  • Undertake emergency care of a casualty
  • Be respectful and recognise the need for accurate confidential records and reporting requirements that meet legislative and organisational needs.


  • Training conducted by experienced first aid specialist trainer/assessor 
  • Associated documentation
  • Manual, Manikins or actors for role playing scenarios
  • Mobile phone or other communications equipment
  • First aid gloves and masks
  • Water and/or hydrogel
  • Bandages, padding and splints
  • Incident reports
  • 4 Hours classroom, practical training and assessment


Participants require refresher training every 12 months in order to maintain satisfactory levels of emergency preparedness and stay current in CPR.


Participants will need basic numeracy and literacy, including oral communication skills in order to make an accurate verbal report to emergency services and workplace supervisor 

See Student handbook for additional information.

Course Logistics

Number of Participants: 10
Requirement: Provide UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER (USI number) and ID
Students must have industry experience.
Students must have reasonable level of physical fitness due to the task requirements of this course.
Students must complete and return the PRE-ENROLMENT QUESTIONNAIRE prior to attending for the course
Equipment: All training materials are supplied by Zokal Safety Training
Meals: Full Day Courses – Lunch will be provided and light refreshments will be provided at morning break (only on our premises). Half Day Courses – Light refreshments will be provided at morning break (only on our premises)
Dress: Students are required to wear CLEAN clothing appropriate for the workplace and CLEAN covered shoes. Students are required to wear a hard hat and gloves during practical components of this course. Please bring them with you on the day.
All other equipment used will be supplied by Zokal Safety Training.



This is a competency-based program with progressive assessment throughout the course, including demonstration of written and oral questions relating to underpinning knowledge.
You will be assessed on performing ESI environment scenario and task demonstrations to:

  • Assess and control hazards to first aider, casualty and others
  • Undertaking involvement of external emergency services
  • Use available first aid equipment and resources
  • Provide injury management using first aid principles
  • Treat electrical shock
  • Treat burns
  • Treat bleeding
  • Treat shock
  • Provide PIT for snake/spider bite

Please let us know if there are any issues that your Zokal trainer should be aware of. These may include:

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy
  • Physical limitations, such as hearing, vision or mobility concerns
  • Anything that may affect your experience in the training course

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