User Guide

VETCampus is the platform where students, enrolments and pipelines will be managed.

VETMate is the platform where programme types, programmes and occurrences are scheduled.

AVETMISSDone! data will synch from VETCampus and will only need to be accessed when its reporting time. 

Programmes and occurrences are published in real time along with student's enrolments. No need to run updates from the student management system to the website. Students will be enrolled on the occurrences as soon as the enrolment has been processed, meaning the places available will always be accurate.

Important to note, the programmes will each need to be updated with the NRT settings, Award templates and course pipeline details. There is a video below explaining the steps need to ensure the ncver data is being collected correctly.

Staff access: [when live]

Sandbox site: [note this site has a copy of data so you can login and play around with the new functionality.]

Click on the link in the index to direct you to the corresponding video.

Programme Types


Admin Tasks

Managing personal username and password
Managing staff access
Pipeline overview
Printing wallet card
New P
rogramme settings
Managing locations


Adding a single occurrence
Creating multiple occurrences
Company occurrence

Managing Students

Reviewing student details
Enrolment - individual student
Enrolment - group bookings
Change student's enrolment

Move a group of students on an occurrence
Printing issued Awards and wallet card

Company/Employer Bookings

Creating an individual / group enrolment
Adding a new company

Trainer Campus View


Managing username and password

Managing staff access

New Programme settings

Locations - managing existing and adding new location and room


Adding a single occurrence

Creating multiple occurrences

Creating an occurrence for a company

Managing Students

Viewing student profile

This video covers:

  • editing student details
  • updating emergency contact details
  • viewing current and completed enrolments
  • viewing notifications and resending
  • viewing awards
  • updating existing enrolment

Enrolment - individual student

Enrolment - Group Bookings

Student - how to update an existing enrolment

Moving a group of students to a new occurrence

Printing current Awards and Wallet Cards

Pipeline overview

Company/Employer enrolments

Trainer View